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“On Common Ground”,  the First Montrose Commons newsletter, is generally  published  10 times per year,

Beginning in January of 2015, “On Common Ground”  will be delivered electronically.

It has been determined that, if publishes a new “POST” and that “POST”  includes  a link to a newly published newsletter, those persons who have elected to “FOLLOW” will automatically receive that “POST”  via the e-mail account they provided when they “JOINED”.

What this means is that the readers of the newsletter can opt to receive the  electronic link to the newsletter by simply clicking the “FOLLOW” button on the web site and entering a user name and email address.  When the editor of the newsletter “POSTS” a link to the current newsletter on the web site, it would automatically generate an email to those who have “JOINED”.

Not all of the current hard copy recipients of the newsletter will opt to “FOLLOW” For this and other reasons, the Board of Directors may choose not to use this electronic method to deliver the newsletter once it goes  “electronic” in January 2015.

However it is encouraging to know that this is one option available to the Board of Directors to make an automated electronic delivery of the newsletter.


The “FOLLOW” button on the web site can be edited to say that followers will automatically receive a link to newly published newsletters.







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