Welcome to the First Montrose Commons Neighborhood Association


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Welcome to First Montrose Commons, a unique neighborhood of 31 blocks and rich history, located just a mile and a half from downtown Houston. Originally a small rural portion of a 3370-acre grant of land from the Republic of Texas to Obedience Smith, First Montrose Commons has evolved significantly, playing important parts in Houston’s growth and becoming the diverse and vibrant neighborhood it now is.

First Montrose Commons was formally incorporated by the State of Texas as a Civic Association on December 20, 1993. The name derives from two aspects of our history: “A common is… a piece of land subject to common use.” The piece of land we call our neighborhood is indeed commonly used to live parts of our lives, whether in business or residence. Thus we have “a parcel of land in the Montrose area subject to common uses by people with common interests in that land—Montrose Commons.” The “First” part of our name derives from the fact that two of our original subdivisions–Lockhart, Connor & Barziza, platted 1873;and Bute – replatted in 1907 from the James House Subdivision of 1890–were developed before the other “Montrose” neighborhoods, and indeed before the Montrose Addition (1911) itself was platted.

From the outset our association has been strongly committed “to protect, preserve, and improve the residential nature of [First Montrose Commons], to combat crime and residential and community deterioration in and around the [neighborhood] and to promote the civic and social welfare and well-being in and around the [neighborhood].”–Article III, Original First Montrose Commons Bylaws

Our association has grown steadily over the past twenty years, from less than a dozen original founders to now more than one hundred active members. We work hard to fulfill our original purpose, and to keep our costs to an absolute minimum. Indeed, our annual dues of only $10 per person are the lowest of any active civic association in Houston.

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our meetings, held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm, to tell you more about our wonderful neighborhood in the very heart of Houston.

Preserving Our History, Protecting Our Future