The Supper Club


Marie-Thérès Odermatt is organizing a supper club within FMC, and invites members of First Montrose Commons Civic Association to join her in establishing “Dining and Culinary Adventures,”  called the “Supper Club.” The Club’s success will depend upon having a core group of FMC members who are willing to help plan and carry out what promises to be an enjoyable experience for all.  It is anticipated that the Supper Club will sometimes meet at a restaurant and sometimes at a members’ home, as worked out by the group.

Marie-Thérès encourages you to please add your thoughts on what would make the Supper Club enjoyable for you. Please use your imagination, your experience and/or your taste buds in your comments below.

Please choose either of the following two methods to reach Marie Thérès to express your interest:

Print, fill out and mail this form:

Supper Club Application

or you may fill in this form on line and click submit:


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