Volunteer to Plant Trees

FMC’s resident Naturalist, Melissa Gilhart, needs your help now to plant 40+ trees through October and November. Each tree requires about an hour to plant, and Melissa has the soil, mulch, trees, and wheelbarrow.

She is targeting October 27 as the first planting date and will work together with volunteers to plant on dates best suited to everyone’s schedules and the weather.

October and November are the preferred months to plant new trees, so they can acclimate to their new soil before needing to produce all new growth and leaves the next spring.

Be a part of the solution to pollution, elevated carbon dioxide, and global stress – plant a tree or two this fall and get some exercise before your holiday binging!

Fill out the form below to contact Melissa to volunteer or for more information- this information is sent to Melissa only and is not shared with anyone else.