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We’ve got Weather at last. After quite the struggle to get vintage weather equipment to talk to vintage software on a vintage Windows machine – we have have at last got a backup vintage machine to talk to new weather software on the vintage Windows machine, and as of 6:15 tonight (Nov 26) it seems that all the weather pages are once again displaying current conditions in First Montrose Commons. – There are still a few things to tweak on the software and hardware side to provide the most reliable communications, but – the data is flowing once again – at last!

First Montrose Commons –

One of Houston’s most unique historic neighborhoods

First Montrose Commons is 31 blocks of residences, schools, and businesses located just a mile and a half from either downtown or the Texas Medical Center.

The neighborhood is bounded by Montrose Boulevard on the west; Milam Street/SPUR 527 on the east; Richmond Avenue to the south, and West Alabama Street to the north.

Our neighborhood’s rich history dates back to its days as farmland during the Republic of Texas. A lot has changed since then, but one thing that has not is the genuine sense of small town community and caring for one’s neighbor that has been a hallmark of our community since its very beginning. Our civic association was founded to preserve this unique quality for our current and future residents. In 2010 we successfully established the First Montrose Commons Historic District to preserve and protect our rich architectural history.

Our Civic Association lobbied city leaders for more than 15 years for replacement of our aging and failing infrastructure. This intense and sustained effort was rewarded when NSR-467 was finally completed in 2018 – providing all new concrete streets, curbs, sidewalks, and new water, gas, sewer and storm water drainage lines throughout the neighborhood.

Throughout nearly 3 years of intensive reconstruction, the Civic Association worked hard to protect our lush tree canopy, and even managed to secure planting of an addition 104 street trees throughout the neighborhood at the end of this project.

HISD’s Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS) – the nation’s first and only public Arabic Language immersion elementary school – lies at the heart of our neighborhood, on a site which has served as a school since 1914. Our Civic Association worked with SPARK and HISD to re-establish a shared playground park on this site – serving both the students and our neighbors.

The Montrose Center, Houston’s community center for the LGBT Community, is located at the east end of the neighborhood, and has been a Neighborhood Patron – providing us with space for our monthly Civic Association Meetings, and supporting our efforts to improve our area for everyone.

Our meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm and are fairly informal, and anyone who lives in or owns property or a business in FMC is welcome. We usually begin with an update of ongoing projects or concerns, and end with open discussion of whatever folks have on their minds. Representatives from the FMC Board meet frequently with City Council Members and other City Officials to assure our neighborhood’s needs are addressed.

Neighborhood security and safety are regular topics. Our neighborhood is home to a very diverse group of folks – a true cross-section of Houston, and we pride ourselves in our neighborly behavior towards everyone.

We’d like to invite you and all members of our community, to attend our next meeting so we can meet and get to know one another better. We encourage everyone who lives in FMC to become an Active Member of the Civic Association – dues are just $20 per person per year, and can be paid by cash, or check at each meeting, or online via PayPal.

FMC holds three neighborhood parties each year: The Holiday Party at in December (NOT to be missed!); Texas Neighborhood Night Out; and our latest, April Foolishness, featuring the Mad Hatter Contest in April.  All three are potluck affairs. All three welcome adults and kids (but no pets or animals – for safety’s sake). All three attract lots of folks! {NOTE- all In-person parties and meetings in First Montrose Commons have been replaced by online events during the COVID crisis}

Once again, welcome to First Montrose Commons where our social network works for youSM.

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