NSR467 ReBuilding
First Montrose Commons

HISD Announces Arabic Immersion Magnet School to Relocate to the Montrose HSPVA Campus this Summer

HISD announced that it will relocate the Arabic Immersion Magnet School to  First Montrose Commons this summer as a Pre-K-8 campus, continuing its trailblazing history as the nation’s first public Arabic language immersion school.

The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons plans to feature officials from HISD at our May 21, 2019 meeting to address the neighborhood about this important next step in the more than 105 year history of schools in the heart of FMC.


Don’t Lose Your Privileges –
Pay your 2019 FMC Dues before
MARCH 2, 2019

FMC Bylaws require that Membership & Voting Privileges be suspended for any member whose dues are more than 60 days in arrears – that date is March 2, 2019. You can pay your dues online using a credit or debit card, venmo or PayPal (no PayPal account is required, you can log on as guest).

Overlay of Richmond Ave Begins Feb 18

On Monday, February 18th, the Public Works Department will begin a project to rehabilitate two major segments of Richmond Ave. From Main St to Kirby Dr in District C, and from the 610 Loop to Hillcroft St in District G, Richmond Ave will receive a 1-inch overlay to smooth out the pavement surface, as well as curb and sidewalk repairs.

Richmond Ave has long been discussed as the possible future University Line in METRO’s light rail network. In 2013, Mayor Pro Tem Cohen supported the reclassification of Richmond as a Transit Corridor on the Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan, which allows the City of Houston and METRO to plan for transit-oriented development and for a multi-modal transportation system along the corridor.

This rehabilitation project will provide temporary interim relief for residents until a total reconstruction with the introduction of light rail is confirmed.* Construction is expected to be complete in late fall 2019.

from CM Ellen Cohen’s This Week at City Hall

*Ed. NOTE – The METRONext Plan calls for BRT line along the Richmond Corridor, rather than light rail.

Community Packs Montrose Center for METRONext Public Meeting Wednesday Feb 6

Room 107 saw a huge crowd arriving early to listen to METRO’s new transit plans and engage with METRO officials and planners to help tailor the plan to better meet Neartown/Montrose special needs. Although the room was packed, the arrangement of tables & displays greatly facilitated discussion and allow folks to sit around detailed maps to better understand the proposed new routes and services.  More Information at METRONext.org

The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons Meets Every THIRD Tuesday of the Month at The Montrose Center, 401 Branard Street at Bute Street, Room 106 from 7:00-8:00pm.

Everyone who lives or owns property or a business within the area shown should attend these important meetings to keep abreast of ongoing construction, security, and events affecting our neighborhood.

Renters and families with children are encouraged to attend – we’d rather you bring the kids than stay at home and miss something!

Farewell HSPVA!
Thanks for 25 Great Years Together!

Last night’s (Nov 13) meeting was the last for FMC at HSPVA which has graciously hosted and supported us through our twenty five years. We will miss this neighborhood jewel terribly, but share their excitement as they move to a beautiful new state-of-the-art facility in the heart of downtown.

All you HSPVA families who’ve moved into FMC to be close to your young artists’ school – we still welcome you to stay here (where it’s considerably less expensive to live than downtown). It’s only a little more than a mile and a half to the new campus, but we like to think we offer a world away from the noise of the downtown district! We’d love to continue to have you as vital parts of our vibrant neighborhood — and pretty soon we’ll even have all new streets and sidewalks that are better than downtown, too! 😉

The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons has a working group seeking information on possible future uses of this campus, which has been a school in our neighborhood since 1914. Attend an FMC meeting to learn how you can help us.

Running STOP SIGNS in FMC 


Running a stop sign is is not only dangerous, it’s costly – $235
If you’re also speeding when the workers are present you can add another $235-295 to that!

NEW Requirements for Submitting Certificate of Appropriateness Applications

As of July 2, 2018, all Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Applications must be submitted through the Historic Preservation Tracker online.


PLEASE BE MINDFUL in street parking to OBSERVE PARKING REGULATIONS AND SIGNS – Parking Management patrols FMC daily writing tickets for violations.

Your Neighborhood Association depends on Your Support

Please take just a moment to join or renew your support for one of the most cost-effective Civic Associations in Houston – First Montrose Commons. We’ve been working to improve our unique neighborhood for more than 24 years, while keeping our Resident Member Dues the lowest of any active Civic Association – just $10 per person per year. 

You can join or renew online using the NEW PayPal links to the right. (click on the PayPal Logo boxPlease remember to provide us with your street address and the emails of each person joining. (You don’t have to have a PayPal account to use these links, you can join or renew as a guest and pay using your credit or debit card.)

We meet the Third TUESDAY of each month, except April, October & December – check the website for the meeting location.

Help us keep improving the best urban neighborhood in Houston! Thanks for your support!

Neighborhood Security

If we want more Houston Police Department Patrols in FMC, then we must provide documentation of the need for them – we must REPORT EVERY SUSPICIOUS PERSON AND EVERY CRIMINAL ACT by using HPD’s established methods for doing so:

NONEMERGENCY CALLS (illegally parked cars, abandoned cars, suspicious persons, etc.) 713-884-3131

NO DOPE HOTLINE (report activity suspected to involve the solicitation of, sales of, consumption of, or purchase of illegal substances)  713-466-3673

Please be especially careful when parking your vehicles on the street during construction. Cars left more than 24 hours are subject to ticketing and towing (STATE LAW), and provide a powerful magnet for car burglars looking to find a quick bit to steal and sell.  Remember, the criminals ARE PATROLLING OUR STREETS.

Remember, HPD is severely understaffed, so allocation of Police Patrols is Data Driven!

This means that if you want more HPD patrol coverage you MUST REPORT EVERY CRIME, every incident of suspicious persons or drug offense EVERY TIME. Lt. Davis reports that officers are now regularly pulled from one patrol or beat to another which has more data supporting the need for patrols. If you don’t report, HPD thinks you don’t need patrols. Click Here to download our new HPD Quick Contacts & Resources Card which you can use to help you report suspicious or criminal activities.

You should also be aware that parking illegally, especially including leaving a vehicle parked longer than 24 hours on street, gets the attention of both criminals and patrolling officers. Is it really worth the hassle?


Look before you park to avoid being towed! 


Don’t even THINK about parking illegally!

FMC Construction Committee Meets with Contractors monthly to address neighborhood concerns  

August 11, 2017 – The monthly construction progress meetings among the contractors, supervisors, COH, and FMC continue. We regularly address issues such as tree protection, debris removal, street and traffic safety, and construction staging at these meetings.

FMC Residents and Businesses with concerns or issues are strongly urged to attend our regular monthly FMC meetings for updates. If you have an issue which cannot wait until the next FMC meeting, please email Jeff Griffis – Project Supervising Engineer (download the project hang tag from the link in right column) and copy FMC President so we can address your concern.

Everyone who LIVES, OWNS PROPERTY, or RUNS A BUSINESS in the area shown above is strongly encouraged to
JOIN the First Montrose Commons Neighborhood Association. Your ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP supports our efforts to preserve and improve our historic neighborhood.
Individual membership cost just $10.
Commercial memberships are available beginning at $50. 

This page will serve as our temporary home page throughout construction of NSR467. Our original home page is now available via the “WELCOME” menu selection. The PHASE – as indicated on the map above – will be updated and listed in the corresponding color code as construction advances.