The Discussion oF the TOD was pulled this morning from the Agenda – owing to lack of proper legal notice in FMC.

They will RESCHEDULE the item at the next Planning Commission Meeting, however, so We will need to schecule our speakers for that next meeting instead.


Changes in Ordinance would require fences no higher than 4 feet on many FMC streets. You should carefully read the Users’ Guide (link below) to learn how this Ordinance would impact your property and the neighborhood. Many of the changes required are not compatible with our recently completed infrastructure rebuild. There are no official “opt-out” provisions, rather, each owner must seek specific exemptions at the time the Ordinance would apply to them in the future- placing an undue financial burden on property owners.

Pink Secondary TOD Streets subject to new ordinance if you make any alterations to your home’s structure


You can access the full Ordinance – which takes effect Oct 1 here

You should download and read the Users’ Guide for Walkable Places and Transit-oriented Development before the public meeting. The section affecting FMC begin on PAGE 31 of the Guide.



The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons does NOT support the inclusion of any of our streets as Secondary Transit Oriented Development Streets under this ordinance because the Ordinance does not provide sufficient protections for property owners when the provisions of the TOD Ordinance conflict with Historic Preservation or our recently completed existing infrastructure.


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Click the Image Above to take the 2020 Census if you’ve not already done so. Only 9 questions – Fast – Safe- Essential!
Take the 2020 Census – Deadline Sept 30 –
If you don’t weigh in,
OTHERS decide YOUR future for the next TEN YEARS!

Members vote to Amend CAFMC Bylaws
August 18, 2020.

Amendments to Article 7 – Dues take effect immediately, and provide that the Board shall set Residential, Associate, & Commercial Dues each September for the following year. Changes in dues must be approved by the Members in Good Standing at the November General Meeting and Election of the Civic Association.

If you have not yet paid your 2020 Annual Dues, you still have time to pay so that you can vote at the November meeting.

The Deadline to pay 2020 Annual Dues to enable voting privileges at the November meeting is September 18, 2020. Pay your 2020 Dues online NOW so you can vote at our November meeting.  

Click to Pay Your Annual Dues Online NOW

SPARK  Park Construction Begins Soon

We Need YOUR Financial Support for Your Neighborhood Park NOW
AIMS Students stand in the concrete lot that will become the new Spark Park at AIMS in FMC – PROVIDED we can raise the required mating funds. Do your part to fund the Park!

July 25, 2020 – During its first ever public online meeting the TIRZ 27 Montrose Redevelopment Board voted unanimously to provide $150K in matching funds to those already provided by Spark itself. This was a tremendous boost for our efforts to re-establish a park on the site of the Arabic Immersion Magnet School, (formerly HSPVA and before that Montrose Elementary). Our Community must now raise the remaining $150K to bring this dream to fruition. Even with funding from Spark, TIRZ 27, The AIMS PTO, CM Kamin,  our Civic Association, and generous FMC Donors, we are still nearly $70,000 shy of our target.

Please do your part to fund the park!

Write a Check today to:  SPARK and write in the Memo field: Spark Park at AIMS/FMC. All contributions made in this manner are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE, as Spark is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Make Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE Check Out Today.
Checks should be mailed to CAFMC  SPARK PARK
603 W Main St.,   Houston, TX 77006-5618

Note that we will hold checks until we can safely deliver them to the Spark office. Please also note in the envelope whether you wish to remain anonymous in your donation.

Help us Bring a Park back to First Montrose Commons for the first time in 40 years – Please send your check TODAY. 

For more information about the Spark Park at AIMS 


Emergency Resolution and Action Plan Approved by CAFMC Board

CAFMC Meetings to Resume
Tuesday July 21, 2020
at 7:00pm via ZOOM(R)

The Officers and Directors (Board) of The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons, Inc. met using ZOOM Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 7:00pm to discuss matters affecting the Association as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and to enact an action plan to allow continued operations of the Association through this public health emergency.

The Board unanimously approved A RESOLUTION BY THE OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS OF THE CIVIC ASSOCIATION OF THE FIRST MONTROSE COMMONS DECLARING AN EMERGENCY AND PROVIDING CERTAIN MEASURES IN RESPONSE. This resolution took effect immediately upon passage, and will automatically expire December 31, 2020 unless extended by vote of the Members.  (you can download a copy of the Resolution by clicking the link above).

Residents and Members will receive an email containing the link to the online meeting with instructions how to join the meeting. Members may join the meeting prior to 7:00 pm, but will be held in the “waiting room” until the meeting host admits you to the meeting. Please join the meeting with your microphone MUTED to avoid feedback. The host will either unmute your microphone or ask you to unmute it when necessary. You may also join the meeting by clicking the FMC ZOOM MEETING menu option, which will take you to the most currently meeting page, where you can then join the meeting.

It is critically important that we follow our usual meeting rule that one person at a time may speak when using this technology.

Meeting attendees acknowledge and agree that the meeting MAY BE RECORDED for use by the Secretary in completing the minutes of the meeting. 

Novel Coronavirus/ COVID-19/ City of Houston Information and Updates

Click the image or link above to go directly to the City of Houston Emergency Management Page for the latest AUTHORITATIVE updates on the STAY HOME WORK SAFE order and COVID-19 resources.


(C) 2020 CAFMC All Rights Reserved

Wearing a Mask that completely covers your nose and mouth saves lives, prevents spread of coronavirus, and helps us all get through this public health crisis.

Don’t Let FMC become a
COVID-19 Casualty!


Monthly members
We need 65 more folks to pay their 2020 FMC Dues to reach our Membership Campaign goal. Pay your dues online now – it’s SAFE, FAST, & EASY!

Click the Image to Pay 2020 Dues Now

Emails were sent to alert folks who have not yet paid the 2020 Residential Membership Dues that their voting privileges would be automatically suspended March 1, as required by the Bylaws. While some heeded the alert, many did not; as a result 103 former Residential Members can NO LONGER VOTE on matters before the Civic Association. Matters like “how much of our funds should we contribute towards the building of the Spark Park?”; or changes to the Bylaws that would require the Board to set Annual Residential Dues each year, thus abolishing the 26 year old restriction on so doing.

Our Civic Association remains the single most effective tool we have to get results from the City of Houston, HISD, and Harris County. Your support of your Civic Association is critical to our mission.

Our Residential Dues have remained fixed at only $10 per person per year for 26 years – the lowest of any active Civic Association in Neartown. Yet many simply do not take the time to pay this small amount and others choose to pay only $10 for the whole household.

The Membership will  vote to approve Amendments to the Bylaws concerning Annual Dues at the August 18 FMC Meeting, but those who did not pay prior to June 19, 2020 will not be able to vote. 

The remedy? Click the image above (or the one immediately below) to pay your 2020 Residential Dues NOW – and have your voting privileges restored. It’s Easy – Fast – and Secure! You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to renew online – simply choose to log on to PayPal as a guest and enter your payment information. Be sure to select the number of members you are paying for before clicking the PayPal button.

Click the image above to Join or Renew your Membership- Be a Part of the 200 in 2020!

The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons Meets Every THIRD Tuesday of the Month at The Montrose Center, 401 Branard Street at Bute Street, Room 106 from 7:00-8:00pm using the ZOOM e-Meeting platform.

You can access the ZOOM meeting link by clicking the FMC ZOOM MEETING menu item to the left. Members and subscribers to our email list will also receive a direct email before each monthly meeting containing the link.

Everyone who lives or owns property or a business within the area shown should attend these important meetings to keep abreast of ongoing construction, security, and events affecting our neighborhood.

Renters and families with children are encouraged to attend – we don’t mind the kids or pets entertaining us during the ZOOM Meetings – It’s much more important that we connect with all our residents. Don’t want to broadcast your video – Not a problem – you can control whether or not your camera is active. 

First Montrose Commons, Houston TX © 2019 The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons, Inc.

NEW Requirements for Submitting Certificate of Appropriateness Applications

As of July 2, 2018, all Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Applications must be submitted through the Historic Preservation Tracker online.

PLEASE BE MINDFUL in street parking to OBSERVE PARKING REGULATIONS AND SIGNS – Parking Management patrols FMC daily writing tickets for violations.

Neighborhood Security

If we want more Houston Police Department Patrols in FMC, then we must provide documentation of the need for them – we must REPORT EVERY SUSPICIOUS PERSON AND EVERY CRIMINAL ACT by using HPD’s established methods for doing so:

NONEMERGENCY CALLS (illegally parked cars, abandoned cars, suspicious persons, etc.) 713-884-3131

NO DOPE HOTLINE (report activity suspected to involve the solicitation of, sales of, consumption of, or purchase of illegal substances)  713-466-3673

Please be especially careful when parking your vehicles on the street during construction. Cars left more than 24 hours are subject to ticketing and towing (STATE LAW), and provide a powerful magnet for car burglars looking to find a quick bit to steal and sell.  Remember, the criminals ARE PATROLLING OUR STREETS.

Remember, HPD is severely understaffed, so allocation of Police Patrols is Data Driven!

This means that if you want more HPD patrol coverage you MUST REPORT EVERY CRIME, every incident of suspicious persons or drug offense EVERY TIME. Lt. Davis reports that officers are now regularly pulled from one patrol or beat to another which has more data supporting the need for patrols. If you don’t report, HPD thinks you don’t need patrols. Click Here to download our new HPD Quick Contacts & Resources Card which you can use to help you report suspicious or criminal activities.

You should also be aware that parking illegally, especially including leaving a vehicle parked longer than 24 hours on street, gets the attention of both criminals and patrolling officers. Is it really worth the hassle?

Look before you park to avoid being towed!