street reconstruction program


Citizens of First Montrose Commons successfully petitioned the City of Houston to reconstruct our streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters in March 2003. Action on these petitions normally took  5 years, but ours followed a much different path. For a variety of reasons it was reprogrammed, reprioritized,  reassigned, and in general just punted about over the past 13 years.

Four different Presidents of First Montrose Commons lobbied four different Mayors of Houston trying to get and keep our project -NSR 467 – on track.

At last all that work is about to bear fruit, as First Montrose Commons is set to have all of the infrastructure below ground completely replaced with new, 21st century standard design and materials. Construction is slated to begin before the end of calendar year 2016, and to last 750 days from the start of construction.

The active participation of FMC’s Board and our Active Membership is what has made this possible. The progress of this monumental project – the largest since the neighborhood was originally platted in the 1870’s – is a regular topic at each of our regularly scheduled monthly meetings.  Everyone who lives, attends school, or works in First Montrose Commons is welcomed and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings. The location and time of each meeting is posted on our home page.

Please check the home page regularly, and join First Montrose Commons as an Active Member so that you can be sure to receive all the updates regarding this project!

Preserving Our History, Protecting Our Future