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This page is to pay RESIDENTIAL (or Property Owner) Dues only
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Annual Residential Membership Dues in The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons

Use this form to pay 2022 CAFMC Dues 

When paying via PayPalPLEASE CHECK the Share my mailing address with First Montrose Commons Civic Club box and be sure to include your correct current email address.

If you are paying for more than one member, PLEASE  email and specify the other members’ names and email addresses to insure proper credit.

Dues for Resident/Owner Membership in The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons are $20 per person per year (January 1 – December 31) and cannot be prorated or refunded. 

Anyone age 18 and older who lives or owns property within the area below may join
First Montrose Commons.

Persons living in rental or leased housing are welcome and encouraged to join your neighborhood association!

First Montrose Commons, Houston TX
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NOTICE – Dues are Payable each January 1 and considered delinquent if not paid before March 2. Membership and voting privileges may be reinstated by paying delinquent dues online. Your membership & dues must be current 60 days prior casting any vote taken by the Civic Association.

Commercial Memberships are available to owners/operators of businesses.
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