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Notes from Leslie

Hello fellow gardeners.  I want to share with you my favorite Houston gardening websites.  You’ll find so much information to help with the creative work you do in your own lovely gardens.   I would love to hear from you and know how you enjoy these sites.  Most of you have been to Buchanan’s and it’s always worth a trip, just to see what’s new and to enjoy the myriad varieties of butterflies.

Orchid Care (Tips and Videos), Including When to Repot

Buchanan’s Native Plants

Houston Urban Gardeners

Houston Herb Society

Tropical Beauties are Tough and Showy

Kathy Huber of the Houston Chronicle lists her
“Best Bets for the Houston Area.”

From Melissa Gilhart, Texas Naturalist                                                                  An article about the numerous trees in FMC and their care

 An article  about the serious threat to honey bees and their pollination of our  food crop :
Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bees

An article that addresses “white stuff” on Sago Palms
White Stuff on Sago Palms

A Walk  on the Wild Side…… 
“Sleeping” phalaenopsis orchid awakens with gusto ! :

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One week later:

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Another week goes by:

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Another 2 months goes by and voilà! finally the blooms:

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If you’re wondering about the crushed eggshells on the surface of the planting medium – eggshells provide calcium and magnesium.

What may have helped bring this “sleeping” orchid into it’s growth spurt was perhaps a sip of tea (from used teabags) – recommended as a nitrogen source. 

(Coffee is considered too acidic for orchids.)

Home made fertilizer for orchids

Video: How to repot a phalaenopsis

Miss Orchid Girl’s Video

Small phalaenopsis orchid with new root systems and  leaves that emerged near the top of each spike, along with secondary spikes with buds:


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